Criminal Law

The Barney Law Office Criminal Law Service

A criminal charge is a very serious issue that can drastically affect your professional and personal life if handled improperly. We are dedicated to using our expertise to bring peace of mind to our clients in their time of crisis.  We will fight for you.

From the primary stage to the post-conviction stage, we represent our clients aggressively, determined to achieve the best possible result for our client. We understand fighting a criminal case can be frightening or confusing, and we provide individualized care and information to ensure that our clients understand every process of the case.

No matter how petty or large the crime, we are here to help you hurdle any and all obstacles that you may face through your legal debacle. With unparalleled skill and experience, we are prepared to handle any case.

If you’ve been arrested, facing jail or federal prison, or are the potential suspect in a criminal investigation, contact us today. The lawyers at the Barney Law Firm are experienced and committed to resolving affairs involving all criminal offenses or misdemeanor charges.


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