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A will is an essential part of any individuals estate planning. It is a necessary step in ensuring that your wishes are followed in determining who receives your assets. In drafting a will, certain guidelines must be followed so that it is respected by a court. Count on us to properly draft a will and ensure everything goes as planned.

A trust is similar to a will, with the main difference in that trusts can be established during one’s lifetime rather than after death. The purpose of a trust is to give an individual control of an asset. Just like wills, trusts must also be written and administered under Oklahoma guidelines. If it is improperly set-up, they can often do less help than harm.

It is difficult to trudge through all the options available to you when drafting a will or trust. The Barney Law Firm is committed to providing solid legal advice to aid you through a complex process.

A self-written will or trust can often lead to family arguments and unintended results. Don’t let the court decide who will administer your assets. See one of our qualified professionals to draft a proper will or trust according to your wishes.


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